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Non-Marring Feed Fingers and Floating Reamer Holders for Automatic Screw Machines

Reamer Holder Giants Feed Finger Inserts


Green Inserts

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Key Benefits

Adjustable Tension

Tension is maintained by the adjusting screw which compresses the rubber insert to give the desired grip to suit the conditions of the work.

Easy to Change and Adjust


Range of Sizes

Because of the insert's compressibility, the insert can grip bar stock smaller than its nominal ID size. While we recommend that this adjustment be held to 1/32", the range attainable still permits one insert to take the place of a considerable number of conventional feed fingers.

Special Shapes

Because of our proprietary process, Green Technologies can mold nearly any ID shape insert - even asymmetrical shapes. 


After hundreds of thousands of parts run, Green Inserts show very little, if any, wear and no special cleaning or storage is required. Green Inserts have a demonstrated record of performance under, strenuous, high-production conditions - since 1942.





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